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When it comes to recyclable waste, we offer the best value.

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Doorstep pickup on the user's preferred day and time.

Pickup staff verified & trained using a digital weighing scale.

We make sure that your waste products are recycled properly.

✔️ On-Demand Doorstep Pickups

✔️ Accurate Digital Weight Measurement

✔️ Safety (Trained & Verified Staff)

Households & Businesses have different needs and we cater to each of them

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✔️ Formal Payments System Available

✔️ Sustainability Reports & Documentation

✔️ Competitive Prices for Large Quantity

"It was a positive experience. The flexible time schedule was a great initiative. Also, the staff were very polite. I was not home at my scheduled time. I literally had to change the pickup time two times but still, they interacted very humbly and let me reschedule."

- Neha Fabihan

Here's what our happy customers say

"They took a great initiative. It is so convenient and environmentally friendly. I like the approach and the service. Their behavior and quality of service are some of the best services I have ever seen in this sector. Best of luck Amar Bin"

- Mahmudul Karim

"I am very happy with the service. Their team was very efficient and most importantly humble with me. I basically sold every piece of plastic and paper junk of my home. I recommend everyone to take the service at least once. Hope you won't be disappointed. I wish them all the best!"

- Shamima Sultana Bithi

"The service is quite good. I ordered on Weekend and saved both time and extra hassle. also reduced unnecessary things. It was nice to that they took take measurements correctly in front of me. I hope there will be arrangements to take more variety of items in the future."

- Sharmin Jahan Mim

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