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Q: Who are we?

Ans: We primarily work in waste management systems. We collect various types of recyclable waste products in exchange for cash and ensure their recycling. Currently, we are collecting recyclable waste products from households, offices, restaurants, and factories, ensuring their proper reuse.

Q: What products do we accept?

Ans: Currently, we are accepting all types of plastic, paper, and metal waste.

Types of products:

  • Plastic: Bottles, chairs, tools, plates, polystyrene, etc.

  • Paper: Newspapers, books, notebooks, magazines, cartons, etc.

  • Metal: Any type of metal, copper, iron, steel, silver, etc.

Q: Which areas do we serve?

Ans: Currently, we are collecting products from Khilgaon, Bashabo, Mugda, Badda, Banasree, Rampura, Hatirjheel, Malibagh, Moghbazar, Shajahanpur, Rajarbagh, Shantinagar, Motijheel, Nandipara, and Madartek. We will soon expand our services to cover the entire city of Dhaka.

Q: How can you ensure your Pick-up request?

Ans: You can easily request our waste collection services through our user-friendly online platform. Visit our "Pickup Request" page on the website, fill out the necessary details, and our team will coordinate the collection at your convenience.

Moreover, You can contact us through our Facebook page “Amar Bin” and get in touch with us.

Q: Why choose us over others?

Ans: We offer higher prices compared to local stores because we process our own products directly through third-party industrial processes. All our product prices are fixed, eliminating the need for bargaining. Our employees use digital weighing machines to measure everything in front of customers, minimizing the chance of fraud.

Q. What extras do we offer that others don't?


  • If you avail our services a minimum of three times, you will receive three reusable bags for free.

  • You can request the product pickup at your convenience. We will come to your location at the specified time.

  • If you are satisfied with our service, after every specific interval (one/two/three months), our team will visit your location to collect products and leave new bags.

Please let us know if you have any questions